Old Soap Brands – A Daily Dose of Nostalgia

We do love our soap here. Therefore, we figured that we would take some time to look at some of the old soap brands.

These are the soaps that you probably have heard of, as well as a couple of more unique ones. Do bear in mind that this is not a complete list of old soaps.

We would be here forever if we did that! This is more of a list of some of our favorites.

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1. Dove

Alright, so Dove is a company that is still around, and they are still producing millions of soaps per year. We have no doubt that you probably use Dove products regularly. Over the years, they have produced a ton of different soaps. One that seems to get a lot of love is Dove Pink.

While we can’t say that we have ever used it ourselves, it seems that many people love the whole bright pink color of it [1]. We can’t begin to fathom what sort of chemicals went into producing something that is brightly colored.

Dove has a reputation for producing soaps on the mild side, but they do use some ingredients we’d prefer to stay away from ourselves.

But hey, we are here talking about the old soap brands, we aren’t here to make any judgment!

2. Soaky Soap Barssoaky-soap-bars

Famous children’s cartoon characters are, apparently, brilliant for helping to sell various products.

So, it was no surprise that many of them were used to sell Soaky Soap Bars back in the 1960s. These little soap bars were designed for use by children.

They had Disney characters on the front of them.

In fact, as we go through all of these old soap brands, you will very quickly notice that the vast majority of them are aimed at children.

We suppose that it was a big thing trying to get your children nice and clean in the decades that have gone by!

3. Avon

Avon is a company that tends not to have the best reputation due to its business model. However, there is no denying that a huge amount of effort has been poured into the soaps that they make.

For a long while, Avon spent a lot of time developing soaps that were based around a specific shape.

Basically, their soaps were designed to look like food items. While Avon has now moved on to produce far more normal soaps, nobody will ever forget the beautiful soaps that they once designed

4. Silly Soapsilly-soap

Silly Soap is no longer around. It is also not a bar of soap. It was soap that was more akin to that of silly string, hence the name.

The children that wanted to use this soap would spray it all over themselves, and it was supposed to be a huge amount of fun.

Again, we can’t quite imagine what sort of chemicals were poured into making silly soap, and that was probably the reason why it ended up being discontinued.

However, we have no doubt that kids throughout the 60s and 70s had a huge amount of fun with it.

5. Old Spice

Obviously, this brand is still around. In the past, they used to produce a lot more bars of soap, though.

All of them came with that famed Old Spice scent. You may still even find a few Old Spice bars of soap out there.

The company does reintroduce a few every so often.

6. Fuzzy Wuzzyfuzzy wuzzy bath soap

Again, we are back at the children’s soaps here and, again, with soaps that may have been cutting it a bit fine on the whole not using chemicals front.

The Fuzzy Wuzzy soap was in the shape of a bear. Once it had started to be used, the bear would grow fur, hence the fuzzy look, and perhaps the reason why it has been discontinued.

Here is the kicker, though. Like cereal, there would be a toy at the center of the Fuzzy Wuzzy bear.

This certainly helped to encourage the child to use the soap as much as possible, right?

7. Lifebuoy

And let’s wrap up with one of the most famous of the old soap brands, and a soap that you won’t be able to find anymore.

This is because it used to contain a ridiculously harsh chemical. The removal of this chemical did clean up the soap a little bit, but some people say that the soap was never the same after.

Although, at least people were not lathering themselves with harsh chemicals, right?

Old Soap Brands Wrapup

We hope you enjoyed reading our lineup of old soap brands as much as we did putting it together.

Think we missed something? Please feel free to drop us a line for consideration.


  1. https://www.womenshealthmag.com/beauty/a19939515/vintage-dove-beauty-bar-ads/

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