Artisan Soaps – 3 Secrets & The Best Options

Finding the best artisan soaps online is easy once you know what to look for.

First we’ll dive in and explore what an artisan soap actually is.

Of course, our company does sell our own, but we’ll be happy to provide some suggestions if you wish to look elsewhere.

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What is Artisan Soap?soap making

An artisan is nothing more than a person who has become exceptionally skilled at any particular craft.

When we discuss artisan soap, you’re ultimately looking for a soap maker familiar with all items related to soap bars and skin care.

A soap bar is much more than just throwing a load of ingredients together and mixing them.

Each of the items we sell has been created with love, for the widest benefit of all skin types.

1. Artisan Soaps are Made With Experience

Many soap makers will spend many years learning their craft and here at Mild Soaps, we’re no different.

The proprietor’s son was plagued with eczema when he was just a boy.

Nothing seemed to help until he started bathing with all-natural soaps and stopped using the big named brands.

It’s been over 20 years now and our handmade soap still brings him the same results, all this time later.

Essential Oils

2. Artisan Soaps use The Best Ingredients

If you search the local store’s skincare aisle, you’ll be hard-pressed to find soaps made from natural butter and scents.

Instead, harsh additives and ingredient names you cannot pronounce are the norm.

All of our bars are made with natural pressed vegetable oils, like olive oil, shea butter, coconut, or palm oil. Oils that are derived from seeds like canola oil, require the chemical hexane for processing.

When it comes to scents, always stick with essential oils or unscented. Essential oils are the only natural source of fragrance there is.

If the ingredient list simply says ‘fragrance’ as an ingredient, stay away as that almost always is a petroleum-based chemical additive.

3. Artisan Soaps are The Highest Quality Soap Bars

Artisan soaps are almost always going to be the highest quality bars of soap you can find.

Why you might ask?

Not many people get into soap-making to make money.

It’s almost always as a way to improve their own sensitive skin or someone’s they love.

When people stick with all-natural ingredients, it yields a superior soap bar that delivers results.


Where Do I Find Artisan Soaps?

Each bar we list for sale in our online storefront is considered an artisan soap.

Every batch is made by hand, with the finest all-natural ingredients.

With that said we’re obviously not the only company or store that sells artisan soaps.

Common places to purchase a natural soap bar would be a health food store like Whole Foods, local flea markets or simply searching online for artisan soaps for other alternatives.

Not Every Soap Bar is Artisan

Hopefully, it is clear by now that not every soap bar is considered artisan.

Artisan soaps are not necessarily better for your skin, although you’ll find that most in fact are.

In your search for the best mild soap bar that is good for your skin, just remember that the best product will be made with the best ingredients.

A handmade soap bar made with coconut and shea butter is a world of difference from a soap bar made of sodium tallowate [1] when originates from animal fat.

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We hope that we’ve helped hone your search for the handmade soap bar you’re looking for.

If you stick to a soap bar product that follows the way we’ve laid out above, you should be able to find a soap that you and you’re skin both love.

Please do drop us a line if you feel there’s something we missed or you have a question.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Payment Options Do Mild Soaps Accept?

Mild Soaps accepts most credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club.

Other payments include Paypal and Google Pay JCB.

Q: Do You Design Each Bar of Soap with Price in Mind?

The main focus of our business is to deliver a wide variety of soap options at a price anyone can afford.

A lot of times as soon as you use the word ‘art’ or ‘craft’ in the name, people think expensive.

We welcome you to review our wide variety of soap items and are sure you’ll find something in one form or another, ideal just for you or your loved one.



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